Kids Gymnastics – Building Strong Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Strength, balance, self-confidence, and discipline are all attributes we hope our children can attain and few sports can allow them to achieve these as well as kids gymnastics. Even at the earliest stages of childhood development, gymnastics powerfully and positively increases their physical and emotional capabilities. In many ways it can be used as a launching pad for their lives. Physically it strengthens their core, increases flexibility, and improves their coordination. But possibly even more influential on their lives are the mental skills; both intellectual and emotional that will make a rock solid foundation they can use to build upon whatever they wish.
One unique and I think extremely valuable attribute gymnastics has is the duality of both “self” and “team”. The child works hard to improve their skills and often ends up competing against their best friends, but at the same time there is that team aspect of group pride and encouragement. It is a wonderful promotion of sportsman-like conduct and teaches them both how to win and lose with grace.
I have seen my three children, each of whom are completely different both physically and emotionally, positively affected by kids gymnastics. The shy becomes bold and the “head in the clouds” becomes focused. I think a properly run gymnastics program truly improves on virtually any of the weaknesses a child might have. Along with a good program I also believe that a well informed parent can magnify their child’s experience. Unfortunately not all programs are good ones, and often parents do not educate themselves about the ways they can make their child’s time in gymnastics even more valuable. I hope that through, more parents and young gymnasts can gain tips and insight on how to take their gymnastics experience to the highest levels possible!

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